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NPR-ATC story today on "Ovation" arts cable channel

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All Things Considered, the NPR news program has a piece on the "Ovation" cable channel today, why it was necessary to form one (after demise of arts programming on A&E and Bravo), their business & marketing plan(s) etc.etc. What do you know, NPR suddenly remembered arts programming and did a story on it--however short. I assume transcripts etc. will be available later at the NPR website.

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Thanks, 4mr.

The transcript is up, audio will be within 2 1/2 hours. :)


NPR, or at least what's heard of it in NYC, has been a lonely voice advocating for and presenting features on the higher arts. WNYC itself, as distinguished from its broadcasting family, is an intrinsic part of the arts community, sponsoring as well as providing soapboxes for various presentations.

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