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Needing advise to buy "La Bayadere" DVD

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I just find quite unnerving that now that the modern society has access to the original librettos/endings/scores, one will still be presented with a truncated version of a ballet. Makarova's staging is a winner, for which it tries to conduct the viewer along the original path. She just didn't have access to the modern resources that Ratmansky. Burlaka, Vikharev and others have nowadays.

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They brought it to NY in 2002. It was very long. I actually found it rather boring blushing.gif

I, too, saw that version of Bayadere in 2002. It was very long, (it got out after midnight) but Diana Vishneva was Nikiya and, as this was my first time seeing her, I found it not at all boring.

One version of Bayadere that has not been mentioned (but I saw when the Kirov came to the Met around 1992) is the Makarova staging with Altynai Asymuratova as Nikiya and Darcey Bussel as Gamzatti. It's out on DVD and really not bad. Neither is the Zakharova/Bolle version. I would avoid at all costs the recent Bolshoi version that came out with Zakharova as Nikiya.

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