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Hello everyone

I'm a former ballet dancer, and I had to give up ballet due to knee problems when I was 14 (I never even made it onto pointe :beg: ) Anyway, I decided that if I couldn't be on stage, I'd learn everything I could about those who were, and I have a rather unhealthy obsession with watching DVDs and Classic Arts Showcase. I have zillions of questions, so hopefully, I'll find what I need here!


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ng, I can definitely relate to you - I had to stop dancing at about the same age because of an unknown back problem. But being able to be on the audience's side with the knowledge from the stage's side can be incredibly interesting. What you learn by watching is priceless wisdom at your hands. And by studying not only the present but the past history of the art can set you above many by the wealth of knowledge from researching. I, too, have a fetish for CAS and now I only strive to try to make ballet a true art form (not acrobats) by helping those who do dance from what I've observed on and off stage. I know you'll learn tons here!! Welcome!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, ngitanjali; we're very happy to have you with us. We are the place for questions. Many aspects of ballet are covered on our board; look through the forums and get an idea of the wealth of information available to you. Ask questions, join our discussions, read read read; I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time with us.


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