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Hello from a student in Saratoga


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I'm so glad I'm finally old enough to register here! With that out of the way- an introduction. Apologies in advance for my tendancy to ramble on, as well as my frequent abuse of parentheses.

My name is Caitlin and I'm a ballet student (no professional aspirations- history of injuries and health problems) in Saratoga Springs. I have danced children's roles with NYCB several times during their summer season here and through my school I recieved a lawn pass to all classical performances at SPAC through high school graduation, so I've been making good use of that. I've been reading this board for years and am thrilled that I can finally participate.

It broke my heart a few years ago when SPAC tried to kick out NYCB, and I kept wanting to post news about it (I performed that year, including the benefit performance by the orchestra that Tom Gold choreographed, and was interviewed for an article or two). Since last year I have no longer auditioned to perform, as I believe I am too old/tall, so I now enjoy the audience's perspective. I have to say it will be a little odd watching instead of dancing Cirucs Polka for the first time in my memory (this is the 4th time it's been brought to Saratoga recently), and it will probably be even more strange when the philidelphia orchestra performs it later this summer at SPAC. I'll be at orchestra camp and I may have to train up a few of my fellow musicians and march them around on the lawn during it.

I'm going to be 17 at the end of this summer, so although this is the first summer season of NYCB that I've been allowed to post here, it's my last of seeing so many performances as I doubt I'll be able to afford much when I'm in college. I'm thinking of trying to get a job at SPAC next summer though. Most of my training has been Balanchine (most of my teachers in winter and at summer intensives are current or former nycb dancers) so I love having them in my town each summer, and as I get older I find more and more choreography I know being performed on stage (I know parts of all 3 of tonight's ballets, and 2 of the ones I saw last night). I'm also a violinist, so I definitely pay attention to the music as well as the dancers. I'm not terribly knowledgeable about the world of ballet critique but I'll try to muddle around here not too gracelessly.


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Hi Caitlin,

This will be the first summer in many years that I won't be coming to Saratoga Springs for NYCB. You're going to be 17 and I'm now 75. The prospect of your posts during the season promises both a fresh perspective and a somewhat "inside" view. I look forward to them. (Incidentally, I like parentheses too.) Lou

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