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Eurovision Young Dancers cancelled

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Hi, I have red that it´s going to be a completely diffrent show this year. It will be a so called let´s dance program with no ballet :)

I can´t belive my eyes when i red that :clapping:

Does anyone know if there will ever be a eurovision young dancers like it used to be?


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Sad news indeed, Rosie. Actually, I was getting impatient, not having seen anything in the TV schedule so I was going to ring them up tomorrow and ask them when it will be.

On the other hand, last time was a debacle of monumental calibre. I dont know how it was televised in other countries, but here it was truly dreadful.

Very sad news and I am quite disappointed. It is wonderful to see new young talent. Glad that I kept all the old programs and converted them into DVD's.

If only EBU had scrapped that awful song contest in stead. :huh::):toot:

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