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Imperial Dancer

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I'm surprised there hasn't been any mention of "Imperial Dancer," by Coryne Hall. It's a biography of the one and only Mathilde Kschessinska and I got it yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. What a life! And for those who have complained about the "too much information" biographies of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev, I'd like to use this biography of Kschessinska as a perfect example of how a biography can be candid without becoming unnecessarily graphic. Kschessinska certainly had an, um, interesting love life, but the tone of the biography is never sensationalistic. Mathilde was not above bragging about her conquests, but, like many seductresses, she had a certain mysterious discretion. She certainly kissed but she did not always tell. And Hall kind of preserves this sense of mystery about Kschessinska. Along the way, we're treated to tales of intrigue at the Mariinsky, and Mathilde's incredible resilience throughout her long life.

It's also, at a little under 300 pages, just the right length. Highly recommended.

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Yes, Canbelto, I am also surprised that you are surprised. I must dig into past posts, but I am almost

certain I mentioned the book. I received the book on my birthday in December 2005 - it is of course

possible that I omitted to post as that time of the year is extremey busy for me with all Christmas trees I am selling.

Anyway, it is very interesting to compare Imperial dancer with Mathilde's own book. I have actually corresponded with Ms. Hall and we were supposed to meet in Edinburgh as there was an exhibition there about the last Romanovs etc. Unfortunately we did not meet after all as she was busy promoting her book.

Ms. Hall told me once that she was greatly inspired by a Finnish TV program about K. I have that tape, now on DVD, wonderful stuff indeed. I remember it being broadcast on the Swedish network at Christmas, such a marvelous program tucked away at an impossible hour on the most festive of all Swedish days. That program probably only had one viewer and that was yours truly! :cool2:

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