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Christopher Wheeldon at the Bolshoi

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Thanks, leonid!
CW appears to have been made an honorary American by the Bolshoi.
Payback, probably, for our old habit of calling residents of all the various Soviet Republics "Russians."

I am sure that many citizens of the Southern States feel to this day that they share different values to the big Northern States cities. I as a Londoner born and bred do not find myself sharing eaxactly the same values as people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are no stereotypes, each of us no matter where we come from experience similar emotions and expressions. But, I consider myself first and foremost a Londoner above being British at an experiential level.

Vakhtang Chabukiani in his performances is undoubtedly Georgian and Nikolai Sergeyev is undoubtedly Russian in his performances but as the French say ' Vive la difference'.

If the Moscow Russians feel Christopher Wheeldon is American it is because of the time he has spent with NYCB.

Me personaly, consider Wheeldon to be English as I consider Balanchine to be Russian despite his many years in the USA.

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