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serge golovine

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thought i might scan and post this photo of serge golovine as the spirit of the rose. no date.

the origin seems to be south america; the photographer, r.sasso.

after so many russian-history-related photos that i've had cause to post, i felt this one connected to paris might be a fair way of acknowledging estelle and all her efforts from her part of the ballet world in paris.


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thanks for the link/clues.

if this was taken in rio the 1960-ish date seems sound.

apparently golovine was w/ de cuevas unitl '61.

(he seems to have first done 'spectre/rose' in '44 when he was w/ the nouveau ballet de monte carlo (1949 - 61).

all this helps narrow down the time span for this photo.

i too respond to the ease and simplicity of the pose captured in the photo.

(i don't think it shows in the scan, but the photo is signed, now more a pen-point indentation than an actual, inked signature. alas no date.)

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Thanks for that beautiful photo, rg !

So far I had mostly seen photos or videos of Golovine as a POB teacher in his later years (he also was Claude Bessy's husband in the last two years of his life).

The Golovine family seemed quite gifted for dance, as his brother also was a dancer (under the stage name Georges Goviloff) and also his sister Solange Golovine (a dancer for the Marquis de Cuevas, and later a reputed ballet teacher).

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