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Suzanne Farrell Sunglasses...

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I was walking through the Shops at 2000 Penn Ave NW in Washington DC and a framed headshot of Ms. Farrell was "staring" at me. Turns out that she donated a pair of sunglasses to a charity auction for the Prevention of Blindness Society of Washington (I know nothing about/am not affiliated with the organization, which undoubtedly has a webpage). Her picture and the sunglasses are part of a display of "celebrity specs" at 2000 Penn prior to the auction.

When I saw the display I said to my buddies, "Hey! That's Suzanne Farrell!" Only one piped up with "Who's Suzanne Farrell?" Others whose glasses are up for grabs and on display include Michael Weiss, Loni Anderson, Presidents Carter and Ford, Jeff Probst, Tim Russert, and Richard Petty.

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