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I just got a few new DVDs, one of which is the VAGANOVA BALLET ACADEMY series focusing on Diana Vishneva. It has video of her in class (barre, centre, and pas de deux), interviews with her teachers, her partner, and herself, video of what seems like competition variations (Carmen, Don Q, Grand Pas Classique), and some of a Don Q performance.

She looks to be about 18yo or thereabouts and shows her amazing facility and it's really interesting for me to be able to see how she (as well as the other VBA girls) work.

It's short at about 55min and pricey at about $60+ so it's really for devout fans (or people with more $ than sense). If i understood russian (or could read more Japanese) then i'd likely enjoy this more :) Still, i found that it's relly an interesting DVD to be able to watch as it's rare enough to be able to see the great ones work.

btw, i'm totally in love with Vishneva, so it's a no-brainer for me! :)


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