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Terminology question...

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At what point did the terminology for ballet become French? If Italian terminology was being used in renaissance court ballets, and there were Italian teachers of dance in the French courts, when did the terminology change? Immediately or gradually? (I've never quite understood how ballet returned to Italy with French terminology... ) I have a suspicion that it started with the establishment of the Academy by Louis XIV but perhaps it long pre-dated that?

On Ballet Talk for Dancers a discussion of "en face" has turned into an exploration of "effacé" and it's less than straightforward translation into English: ["What is the Opposite of En Face?"], and my terminology question ties in with a renaissance term "fiancheggiati" that refers to "flanking" which deals with one's angle toward one's partner.

It's a forum only for teachers, but perhaps one of the historians in this community might post a reply on this thread here?

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