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Yuri Gloukhikh / Mirov


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Gloukhikh / Mirov - More than Just the Poster Please!

Russian dancers are often advertised on tours yet never for one reason or another show up – it seems to be an Anglo-Russian tradition! The recent loss of a great principal Russian male to the UK has been noticed. Where is Yuri Gloukhikh / Mirov hiding, the beautifully elegant partner of Irina Kolesnikova from the Tachkin ballet company? He was seen on posters all over the UK, but sadly did not grace a single stage here on the recent tour. I feel sure other readers may have noticed and lamented his absence, I heard many people in theatres asking where he was.

Yuri is a supremely elegant dancer, a temperament rarely seen anywhere now; the refinement of his second act Giselle for example, seen here in the UK, was quite extraordinary and stunningly beautiful. Gloukhikh and Kolesnikova were absolute perfection together. Rarely has there been such poetry on stage between a great Ballerina and her Prince, and watching the two of them dance together was a magical experience for many of us. Great things are going on sometimes on these regional tours with smaller companies, this artist was a supreme example.

Can we have him back please?! No doubt his appearance in the UK having fallen foul to balletic political intrigue, let us hope that Yuri, Tachkin himself, the impresario and all else involved can sort the situation out and give us the live version next year rather than just the poster! His absence is noticed, he is missed, and we need him back, please.

Ironically the tradition of Russian male dancers appearing on tour posters but never on the tour itself has a long and proud tradition in the UK. Rather as happened with Gloukhikh does anyone remember the posters of Tsiskaridze outside the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in 2001…?

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This company has built up quite a reputation in the UK and I feel it is very much down to the excellence of the leading couple Kolesnikova and Gloukhikh. I can understand Tahor's concern about Gloukhikh's disapearence between the posters being printed and the start of the tour. I was struck by the comment:

Great things are going on sometimes on these regional tours with smaller companies

That's something I've noticed too and it's worth pointing out that in this case both Kolesnikova and Gloukhikh were former Vaganova graduates making careers for themselves away from the Kirov and both are superior to most of the current crop of Kirov principals.

I would love to see Yuri Gloukhikh back with St Petersburg Ballet Theatre and will cross my fingers in the hope that he returns.

Lastly, yes I do remember that stunning poster of Nikolai Tsiskaridze outside Drury Lane Theatre in 2001, but didn't he fail to turn up due to being hit by a car or something?

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I don't think the companies expect most people to take the posters so literally, in terms of truth-in-advertising. I think they just take a shot that draws and pleases the eye and serves as an emblem for the company. Most tickets carry a disclaimer referring to unforseen cast and program changes. I think the understanding applies (even if not stated) to posters, even if someone's non-appearance is not necessarily unforseen.

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Yes Carbro, thanks for that information which I am perfectly well aware off, I have been watching Russian Ballet long enough to know this and agree with what you say. Perhaps you are not familiar with this particular company, but the point here is that this dancer IS the company (with Irina) to a very large extent, it is not as simple as one dancer not appearing out of a very large group of principals.

The point I was making was actually to highlight this dancers absence on the 05-06 UK tour, and the poster references was to illustrate the irony. I am not so much concerned about the issue of dancers marketed verses dancers appearing, I am more concerned with the issue of this specific dancer missing the tour, absent from the company etc.

Bring Back Yuri!!!!!

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