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Upcoming BEHEMOTH 'Bio-Encyclopedia' on Cesare Pugni

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In trying to get a hold of Donald Sidney-Fryer's "Checklist of Ballet Scores by Cesare Pugni" I emailed the author. Much to my suprise he informed me that after nearly 20 years (1980-1999) of PAINSTAKING research he is coming out with a sort of 'bio-encyclopedia' on Pugni. So far he has 2 boxes FULL of works and information, libretti, etc. on the prolific Maestro, each filled with 2,500 pages!!.......he said if it were done a la Cyril Beaumont's complete book of ballets, it would fill two volumes at 1,100 pp each! WOW! The number of full-length ballets by Pugni, at least according to the 'checklist' is at 312, though this doesnt even include all of the various supplemental Pas and variations, dances, etc. WOW!!! :clapping:

He had the help and encouragement in assembling the info from some of Pugni's decsendants from his 2nd wife Marion Linton. He will begin releasing in via the internet this summer, it will be titled "The Case of the Light Fantastic Toe - The Romantic Ballet and Signor Maestro Cesare Pugni". Ivor Guest commented in and article I read that Pugni is in long over due need of a champion - looks like hes got it! :lightbulb: I thought I'd let my fellow ballettalk buddies know! I think it's VERY cool, and about time!

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