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Information On A Balletmaster/ Of Old Named Gioja?

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I was reading an article on Pugni by Ivor Guest -

it tells of a ballet called "Kenilworth" produced @ La Scala, the first known ballet to have Pugni's name attached, possibly as arranger of the pastiche score. Guest attributes the work to Gioja (he states "Gioja's "Kenilworth"......I have found no reference to this choreographer/balletmaster(?) in any of my sources I have here at home......who was this man?

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here are a few NYPL dance cat. related entries:

[Gioja ballets]: Milan. La Scala. Almanacco 1824. Milano, Fratelli Ubicini [1823] color plates.

Synopses and analyses of ballets by Gaetano Gioja performed during the 1822-23 season: Gabriella di Vergy (p. [29]-39), Il merciajuolo in angustie (p. [40]-43), Il trionfo dell'amor filiale (p. [67]-72), Ottavia (p. [74]-80), La gelosa per equivoco (p. [81]), Le nozze di Figaro (p. [83]-84), Kenilworth (p. [105]-107)

Includes colored engravings of Antonia Pallerini as the Czar in Il trionfo dell'amor filiale, and Giuseppa Angiolini as La Donna del Lago in Kenilworth.

Kenilworth :Chor: Gaetano Gioja; mus: various composers; lib: after Walter Scott's novel; scen: Alessandro Sanquirico; cos: Rossetti & Majoli. First perf: Milan, La Scala, Apr 26, 1823.

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Boy, things moved fast and far in the 1820s. This ballet was produced only 2 years after the publication of the novel! (Was it serialzed first?) Of course, there were no copyright issues to deal with then.

The role in ballet in transmitting awareness of literary works by popular writers like Scott would make an interesting story. Kind of like Classics Illustrated comics, except right up to the minute. You can imagine people saying: "I didn't read the novel, but I saw the ballet." Or the opera. Those were, indeed, the good old days. :)

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