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Minkus' dance music in Mlada by Rimsky-Korsakov

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does anyone know if any recording exsists of Rimsky-Korsakov's Mlada with Minkus' ballet music? I found some on Amazon.com, but they dont credit Minkus anywhere, as I figured they probably wouldnt, yet all articles I found on the work credit Minkus as having written the dance section of the work.

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in brief MLADA has had a checkered career:

the original plan was to have a production on this theme with at least four? composers: rimsky and minkus among them.

this plan failed to be realized.

petipa then produced a ballet with music by minkus (his memoirs often indicate that the Shades scene of Mlada had a strong influence on his subsequent stagings of the Shades in BAYADERE).

subsequent to all this rimsky did his own opera, w/ his own ballet music, for the maryinsky. it's this version that the bolshoi op. toured to nyc w/ ananiasvili in 1991 and which is now on tape/dics.

as noted, this is all vague, i explored these particulars more particularly when i was assessing the bolshoi prod. but now the facts/sequences have grown fuzzy.

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