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Dalton Trumbo's centenary

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The late Dalton Trumbo, author of “Johnny Got His Gun” and screenwriter (blacklisted) continues to make waves in his hometown on the occasion of his centenary. Article in The Grand Junction Sentinel.


On the occasion of Trumbo’s official centenary Dec. 9, the author’s estate has authorized the republication of “Eclipse” and dedicated all the sales proceeds from the 5,000-copy reprinting of Trumbo’s first novel to benefit the Mesa County Public Library. One can only wonder what the iconoclastic Trumbo, were he alive today, would think of the present-day residents of Shale City — the fictional name Trumbo gave to Grand Junction — getting together next weekend at the Avalon Theater to throw a 100th birthday party for the man. It’s easy to suspect Trumbo would find the notion of Grand Junction commemorating its native son and celebrating his life and work after the way he depicted this community in “Eclipse,” ahem, counterintuitive.

The Rocky Mountain News, with a photo showing Trumbo in the place where he got most of his work done, the bathtub:


The reputation of a man whose name still could bring conversations to an icy halt in this city 50 years after he wrote a book about Grand Junction's leading residents may finally be rehabilitated here.

Author Dalton Trumbo, a renowned novelist who won two Academy Awards for his screenwriting, will be honored by a festival celebrating his career and the reprinting of the book that created such a ruckus in this Western Slope city.

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