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In which productions do they stage which parts as which acts?

Paris Opera is:

Act I, Scene I - Indian Temple

Act I, Scene II - Rajah's Palace

Act II - Betrothel of Gamzatti and Solor

Act III - Kingdom of the Shades

Australian Ballet's one is:

Act I - Forest Outside a Temple

Act II - The Rajah's Palace

Act III - Betrothel

Act IV - Kingdom of the Shades

On my CD it says:

Act I, Scene I - Forest Outside a Temple

Act I, Scene II - Betrothel

Act II - Kingdom of the Shades

Act III - Marriage of Gamzatti and Solor

But this can't be right as it makes for a very long first act and a very short third act.

What other productions are there that differ from these and what is the original?

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the original 1877 production was in 4 acts, 7 scenes, with apotheosis.

makarova's indeed follows the order given on the CD, which does make the first act the longest. tho' as indicated she does cut the already mentioned numbers from that act. (for a period her production at ABT even cut the d'jampe/djampo dance from her 'rivals' scene in the rajah's palace, but she later restored it)

wiley's A CENTURY OF RUSSIAN BALLET reprints the original libretto in full, pp. 293 - 303.

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