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Registration FAQ

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Registration FAQ

What is the process?

  • Registration Form
    • Click "Create Account" in the upper right corner of the site
      • If you choose the wrong birth year that calculates to under 16, please delete any cookies with "invisionzone" in them and start again.
  • Once submitted, your status is "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation"


  • Confirmation Email.
    • You must click this to continue the process.
      • You can create a post in this status in the "Welcome" forum, but it will remain invisible until we approve your membership and approve the post(s) manually.
  • Registration Review -- up to 48 hours.
    • We review your registration info to check that:
      • Your user name doesn't imply a relationship you don't have and/or is too close to one that already exists.
      • You have entered a full name, interest in ballet, and location
      • Your IP and location match
      • Your interest in ballet does not include political or religious affiliation.
      • Your information is credible.
      • If you've posted, that your post shows that you've read and understood the Rules and Policies and isn't meant for Ballet Talk for Dancers.
  • Decision.
  • We'll search for any posts you've made in the "Welcome" forum and make them visible.
  • If there are issues, we'll either de-activate your membership, edit the information, or send you an email.


Where is this security code? It's a required field, but I can't see a box.
It is likely that you have an ad blocker or browser plug-in that is suppressing the CAPTCHA security functionality. There's no way to bypass checking the box. Two options are using another browser or disabling the ad blocker or plug-in. This is becoming increasingly more common.

If you are prompted to fill in a code, you might be on a hacked or phishing site.  This functionality has been removed and replaced by a check box.

Why do you need to know my real name?
We need to know your name for several reasons. The first is for security; there are minors on this board and reputations at stake. The second is that we need to know if you are partisan in any way to the topic at hand, positive or negative. We don't allow the site to be used to promote companies and careers by dancers or those close to them pretending to be disinterested parties, nor to voice a grudge against a company or its members.

Although you can see your first and last names if you look at your profile, only a handful of admins can see your name. Any other members, including Moderators, can only see your Connection to Ballet, City, and State/Country.

I didn't fill in my whole name/used initials only and/or I used a clearly made-up name and/or location and/or I used the name of a company or ballet professional (and I don't share that name) and/or the IP address I used to register doesn't match my location and/or my "Connection to Ballet" represents my religious or political philosophy.
We've either made your account inactive, in which case you can't post, or we haven't upgraded your account, in which case you can post, but the post won't be visible.

You know what you put in your registration info, and whether it meets our basic requirements. We will not contact you to track down the information. You can continue read Ballet Alert! without an active account.

I filled out the form, but I can't post.
Registration is a two-part process -- filling in the age and registration forms and validating your email address -- and approval is step 3, which is done manually by an Admin after you validate your email address. Once you have verified your email address by clicking on the link in the email we send, until we approve you, you can post to the "Welcome" forum, but the post won't be visible until your registration info has been checked and the post is made visible manually by an Administrator.  This can take a day or two. Once we upgrade your membership group to "New Member," which means we have verified that you have submitted your full name and that your IP location matches your registration location, anything you post should be visible immediately.

I am an AOL user, and/or the link doesn't work
Please copy and paste the link from the email into your browser and click "enter."

I clicked the confirmation link, but I still can't post.
If you clicked the confirmation link, and you received the following error message:

Sorry, that member does not have to validate their account. Please double check the data you entered. If this validation isn't recent, it's possible your old account has been removed.


it is likely that we have pull your account in "Inactive Member" status, because you did not complete your registration information and/or your IP address does not match your location.

(You will also get this message if you click the link more than once.)

I can post, but when I click on "Members" or my username, I get an error message.
New Members, those who have <10 substantial posts, cannot view the Members list, use PM, or use board email.

What is a substantial post?
A substantial post adds to the discussion or raises a thought-provoking topic. Examples of insubstantial posts are: "Hurray!" "I totally agree!" or "Welcome to Ballet Alert!, New Poster!" or simple questions that can be answered through a Google, Yahoo, or MSN search (ex: When was Rudolf Nureyev born?).

Who will see my email address?
Your email address is not visible to the public, even though you will be able to see it when you view your own profile. It is visible to a limited number of administrators and will be used to contact you if you are a New Member without PM access or a full Member with a full PM Inbox.

Once you become a full Member, if, when you registered, you selected the option to receive email from other members, board email from that poster will be forwarded via the board. Your email address will not be visible to the sender, unless you reply to that person from your email Inbox. (The sender's email, however, will be visible to you.)

The site won't accept my email address.
We do accept free email addresses, but there are some domains which are blocked by our software provider due to huge amounts of spam. If the message says that the address is in use, and you don't think you've used it before, please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the site and tell us the error message you've received and the email address you're trying to use, if it's not the same one you're using to write.

If I'm still having problems, or my question isn't answered here, how do I contact you?
Please send email to the "Contact Us" link at the top of the site or by using the "Contact Us" form from the link at the bottom of each page.

  • After you submit the form and get an onscreen confirmation, the board sent you an email from our gmail account "ballet.alert.2" usually within seconds of completing your application. If you did not respond to the mail, please do so. The registration link is about halfway down the page.
  • If the mail is not in your Inbox, please check your spam folder.
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