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GISELLE - Carla Fracci, Erik Bruhn; John Lanchbery, American Ballet Theatre 1978 (DG/Unitel) - release date is August 9th

GISELLE - Carla Fracci, Rudolf Nureyev (Hardy Classics)

This is not yet listed on Hardy's website but is listed on HMV.jp; hopefully it'll be released soon in the U.S.

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Dale, thank you so much for posting that link. I bought it, and got it in two days! (express mail) It's a live performance from 1980, complete wiith all the curtain calls. I thought it was very well filmed for a life performance. They're both. ...well, they're over 40 and it's a fight. :blink: But you see the artistry and the detail in both their performances, I think. And who could resist a peek at a Bathilde named Patrizia Lollabrigida?

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