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Video Forum Policy as of 27 June 2005

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We've made several changes to the forum, formerly known as "Ballet Videos":

1. All registered members who are logged in may post to this forum. Ballet Videos had been restricted previously to full members only, because tape trading was allowed. Since the main focus of the forum has been to discuss performances, we feel that all members should be able to participate.

2. Tape trading is no longer allowed on this forum. We know that there were legal trades and sales of commercial releases, but we need to be vigilant about copyright infringements, which includes tapes of broadcasts. We will delete any offers or requests for tapes from posts made after today.

3. The name has changed, to describe the expanded scope. This is a place to discuss movies that are mainly about ballet or ballet dancers -- ex: The Red Shoes, Center Stage, The Turning Point, The Company, etc. -- as well as videos, films, and broadcasts of ballet performances. This includes discussion about downloads from Company sites, since these aren't limited by geography.

4. The policy for video downloads from Company sites has a minor change:

    a. Only links to Company sites that host downloads may be posted; links to the downloads themselves are not permitted.
    b. You may post either:
      A link to the homepage, with instructions on how to find the page on which the video download links appear or
      A link to the page on which the video download links appear.

    Please note, that these pages may change or be removed from the site, and that instructions in these posts may become obsolete over time.

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