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Annual Fundraiser

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It's time for our annual joint fundraiser, where we ask for your help to support the cost of running Ballet Talk and Ballet Talk for Dancers for the upcoming year. Our goal is to raise $1,000 for both boards, and we will remove these announcements when we've crossed the goal threshold.

There are two options to donate: through PayPal and via check. If you'd like to donate through PayPal and don't have an account, there is a sign-up option on the payments page. Personal accounts are free and allow you to pay by credit card or checking account. (Checking account takes several days to verify.)

Edited to delete link and add: FUNDRAISER FOR 2005-6 CLOSED -- we have reached our goal!

We are very serious when we say that any amount helps, and we are grateful for all support.

For a link to the Mini-FAQ in our "About This Site" forum, which includes more information about the PayPal process, please click here.

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