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PNB Professional Students Coming Your Way

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In the graduation program brochure for the PNB schools (Seattle and Eastside), there was an announcement that Geoffrey Kropp and Lateef Williams will join the Kansas City Ballet.

Kropp is a tall, long-legged dancer who was cast as the male partner with variations in Paquita. He struggled a bit on the turning variation, but recovered nicely in the jumping variation. He looked like an able, attentive partner.

Lateef Williams is a shorter man with muscular thighs; he has very fine carriage with wonderful lift from abdomen to sternum, and good turn-out. In the jazz section, as the featured man in the Manson Trio from "Pippin," he was the sole convincing proponent of the style, and he was the highlight for me in the Level V/Professional Division Men's performance, choreographed by Bruce Wells to music by Shostakovich.

You're in for a treat!

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