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For The Nation, David Yaffe discusses recent books on, and activities related to, Bob Dylan. He mentions in passing that Twyla Tharp has a new dance in the works on the subject of His Bobness.:

Dylan has given an excuse for many critics to sound off, with an influential rock critic's bravado, a distinguished academic's throat-clearing and an impassioned politico's plea. Yet while the critical corpus continues to pile up around Dylan, each of those writers and critics prophesized before they had a chance to read the first installment of Dylan's own memoir, Chronicles, Vol. 1, a book as incomplete, inconclusive and untrustworthy as it is shockingly lucid and brilliantly counterintuitive. In the near future Dylan will be the subject of a Martin Scorsese documentary, an authorized Todd Haynes biopic in which he will be played by seven actors (including an as-yet-to-be-cast African-American woman, possibly Oprah or Beyoncé), and a Twyla Tharp dance spectacle (his idea--really).


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