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Nutcracker in 3D

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I've just bought a copy of an American travel magazine called Venture, dated December/January 1970, which has set into the front cover a 3 dimensional photo of Balanchine's Nutcracker (to illustrate one of the features, on Christmas Customs in the US). I've never seen anything like this before - has anyone else got it, and could confirm who the dancer and the children are?

(Though I'm mildly addicted to eBay, it doesn't compare with the pleasure of finding something like this lying on a shelf in a very disorganised secondhand bookshop deep in rural England!)

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if this is the same hologram(?) - i think we called them - that i have SOMEwhere, tho' i haven't seen it in years, (it's prob. tucked away 'safely' so i'll know where it is, and we all know how sound such intentions turn out to be!) then, unless i hallucianate, the ballernina in the pink tutu worn by Balanchine's Sugarplum for her first entrance and solo in act 2, is PATRICIA MCBRIDE, i vaguely recall the children seated at her feet. i don't recall even making clear note of their identities.

i didn't see Nutcracker until 1/69, so i don't know how many casts i saw in the '69/70 season.

maybe others know more than this.

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