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Mar. 9 '05: Karsavina's 120th b'day on KULTURA

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Oh those lucky Russian balletomanes with access to the national KULTURA channel!

Tomorrow (Wed., March 9 - 18:30 Moscow time), in honor of the great Mariinsky ballerina Tamara Karsavina's 120th birthday anniversary, KULTURA will present a one-hour documentary special, "Fantasy on a Theme." Among other things, the program will include a visit with Karsavina-memorabilia collection of Alfred Eberling and a discussion among experts on the similarities (or differences) between Karsavina and present-day ballerinas, particularly Daria Pavlenko.


Why can't they offer these sorts of programs on American TV? (sigh)

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Grrrr, I missed this on TV last night -- and for what I thought was a good reason. I was at the Mariinsky and had the "pleasure" (note sarcasm) of spending three hours watching Alexei Ratmansky's version of "Zolushka" (Cinderella). I found the performance rather dull and uninspired -- I'm sure I would have had a better night had I spent it at home in front of the TV.

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DancingGiselle - You are not alone. 'Zolushka' is the nadir...the all-time-low point of Mariinsky Ballet history, IMO. The 'Ugly Stepmother' of either Makhalina or Nioradze is worth a peek, though....for comic relief's sake!

Sorry that you missed Karsavina.

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