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Is this Bolshoi? :/


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Ok. Confused ballet lover speaking :cool:

Last year, the Bolshoi Ballet performed at a summer festival in my country (Histria Festival in Croatia, for what it's worth) and some press releases said they would perform again next year.

This year's press release says that, among many singers and bands, the New Russian Royal Ballet will perform too (this is my best attempt to translate it ftom Croatian). What company is this?

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I wonder if this could be the Imperial Russian Ballet, which is directed by Gediminas Taranda and under the patronage of Maya Plisetskaya? They used to be a pickup company of Kirov and Bolshoi dancers who weren't particularly busy, and toured when they could. They were called Pilgrim Dance then. Now they have their own school and are starting to make an independent name for themselves.

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Might be!

Thank you very much :cool:

During the festival, all performances are held in an old Roman Arena built in 3rd century BC, located by the sea. I can't wait to see a ballet performed there.

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Hopefully I'll be able to tell you how it went :wub: I didn't go last year, when Romeo and Juliet and Giselle were performed. This year it will be Swan Lake and Don Quixote. I'm going to see the Swan Lake, at least. :)

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