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  1. Several months ago, when I found out about the Swan Lake performance, I tried to translate the name of the company to English and asked about it here, because I didn't know who they were. With Mr. Johnson's help I found out about the Imperial Ballet I just checked the website and the English version says "Royal Russian Ballet". I am pretty much confused I saw Swan Lake three times this season But seeing it performed by a different company is always interesting. On the other hand, Kirov is... Kirov.
  2. ..ask online Two summer festivals in Dalmatia are offering two wonderful ballets this summer - at the exact same time. One of them is Swan Lake, without a doubt my favorite ballet, perforemd by the Imperial Russian Ballet, the other are a number of scenes from several famous ballets, performed by Kirov - including the Dying Swan by Ulyana Lopatkina. Among 16 dancers, Vishneva will also be performing. I've been trying to decide for several weeks and didn't get far. I need help
  3. Thanks! Very detailed reports, they're great!
  4. Helene, I was wondering if you have any opinions about Hegel and Sebestyen in the ladies event?
  5. The new system has A LOT of new tricks and coaches aren't used to it yet. I believe Kwan's program was made in accordance with the new rules, but it is difficult to find the right balance between the high-level elements and skater's abilities. I don't know how well you know the new system - the skater(s) must perform their routine at the official practice - whole, or in parts, and the Technical Specialist decides about the level of difficulty for each required element. During the actual event, the judges don't necessarily know what the difficulty is, they just evaluate the performance. They
  6. So... 1 Slutskaya 2 Cohen 3 Kostner 4 Kwan Very happy about Sasha and Carolina
  7. Plushenko withdrew in the long. I was never a big fan... God, that Biellmann spin. Men just don't look good doing that. Lambiel (SUI) won it all - the qualifications, the short and the free. I hope Sasha Cohen and Carolina Kostner skate well. This seems to be a whole new generation of skaters. When I started skating, the big names were Stojko, Yagudin, Plushenko, Goebel, Butyrskaya, Nikodinov, Volchkova, Malinina... It's nice to see new faces at the top. I do miss Anissina and Peizerat, though.
  8. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you how it went I didn't go last year, when Romeo and Juliet and Giselle were performed. This year it will be Swan Lake and Don Quixote. I'm going to see the Swan Lake, at least.
  9. Might be! Thank you very much During the festival, all performances are held in an old Roman Arena built in 3rd century BC, located by the sea. I can't wait to see a ballet performed there.
  10. Ok. Confused ballet lover speaking Last year, the Bolshoi Ballet performed at a summer festival in my country (Histria Festival in Croatia, for what it's worth) and some press releases said they would perform again next year. This year's press release says that, among many singers and bands, the New Russian Royal Ballet will perform too (this is my best attempt to translate it ftom Croatian). What company is this?
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