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European Festivals

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I need information, please. I am seeking dance festivals in Europe similar to Jacob's Pillow or American Dance Festival, where classes with quality teachers happen daily, and there are performances or workshops by professional artists in the evenings or weekends. I am especially interested in contemporary ballet/dance. I want to attend as an educator for faculty development. Can anyone suggest something worthwhile and interesting? Thanks!

Rick McCullough

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Hi, BryMar. You asked about performances, so I will leave this post here.

I see you're a long-time member who's been inactive for a while. What you knew as one board has split in two: one site for doers (dancers, teachers, parents) and one for watchers. For programs that offer classes, you might want to ask on BalletTalk for Dancers: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/.

All questions about classes should go on the other board.

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