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This isn't a video request, but I am searching for a CD called "Homage to Pavlova" which is part of Decca's BALLET GALA series, with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Richard Bonynge. The CD is Decca 433 863-2 and it seems to be out of print. I'd be very happy to pay shipping costs for anyone who has access to this CD or a spare copy (!).

Many thanks,

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My library has a different CD with the title "Hommage a la Pavlov" published by CBC Radio-Canada, Simon Streatfield conducting Orhestre Symphonique de Quebec. Content: Bacchanale/Glazounov -- La belle au bois dormant/Tchaikovsky -- L'oiseau bleu/Tchaikovsky -- Romance/Rubenstein -- Decembre/Tchaikovsky -- Melodie/Tchaikovsky -- pas de deux/Minkus --Coppelia/Delibes -- Le reveil de flore/Drigo -- Giselle/Adam -- La mort du cygne/Saint-Saens.

If this is what you are looking for, I can check it out from the library (I want to check out this CD anyway) and burn you an extra copy of CD. I have a CD burner.

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Have you tried this place:


it is a company that specializes in rare, out of print music. You may be able to get hold of it through them.

Its listed under DECCA (eng.)

they may be able to help you in some way.

Jeanette :-)

oh I just realised that its an LP..i think. but it may be a start.

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ok back again..I just found this site : http://www.seaford-music.co.uk/smws3i.htm

put homage in the 'find in page'(on your web browser menu bar, in netscape its under edit) and click through until you get to homage to pavolva. No: 4527672

it says "5 discs - GB pounds 33.99). goodluck

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