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Julie Kent's Giselle, 5/17

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Just a quick post to say that I want to take back every joke I've ever made about Julie Kent's acting ability. Tonight she delivered one of the most well-thought-out, subtle and nuanced performances of Giselle I've ever seen. I would rate it right up there with the Giselles of Diana Vishneva and Viviana Durante that I've seen in recent years. This was a gorgeously danced and very personal and, in some ways, unusual interpretation of Giselle. I've never seen a Giselle look so utterly griefstricken and distraught in the second act. Remote, incorporeal, even desperate to save Albrecht, but never as emotionally ravished as Kent's portrayal. She was just plain brilliant. And Carreno's Albrecht was also subtle in ways I hadn't expected from him. He danced magnificently, and partnered Kent the same way.

More soon.

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Really delighted to hear your thoughts on this, Manhattnik, as I felt exactly the same thing when I saw the performance of Giselle with Kent/Carreno here in DC a couple of weeks ago! I had always liked Julie Kent very much, but had not seen that degree of artistry before, which put her into a whole new category, at least in my mind.

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I agree with your assessment of Kent's Giselle. Her technique, always rather amazing, seemed perfectly in service to her interpretation of the role, and that interpretation brought forth Giselle's beauty, innocence, and tenderness.

Carreno's subtle and thoughtfully conceived Albrecht was a fine compliment to Kent.

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