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Elizabeth Loscavio


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A couple of quotes (paraphrased) from one the Hamburg newspapers regarding Elizabeth's retirement on Sunday (June 27):

"Elizabeth Loscavio leaves Hamburg ballet, to which she belonged since 1998 as a first Soloist(principal.) The open and warm American formed herself in many roles. For seven years Loscavio danced in the company of John Neumeier, and celebrated large successes as "Giselle" and Natalia in "Illusions - like Swan Lake".

"After 18 years of a wonderful dance career I would like to begin a new life with my fiance Carsten Jung (a newly appointed principal at Hamburg)and am very happy with my decision to retire now. I would like to coach and teach and pass on what I experienced."

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From David Wiegand's columi in the November 3 San Francsico Chronicle:

Former San Francisco Ballet dancer Elizabeth Loscavio and her fiance, dancer Carsten Jung, are expecting their first child in April. Loscavio recently retired from the Hamburg Ballet.


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