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Lifar Prix, Kyiv, Ukraine: 2 - 9 April, 2004


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As a witness I want to tell some words about the Lifar’s competition in Kiev.

At first in the boundaries of the competition we saw a premiere of the Lifar’s ballet “Suite en blanc” staged in our theatre by the Parisian stars (in their time) Christian Vlassi (étoile) and Gilbert Mayer. It was nice and management attitude towards the Lyfar’s legacy and the audience expectations. All our soloists took part in that performance making their understanding of the neoclassical style. We already have Lyfar’s “Romeo and Juleitte” so I suppose it will be wonderful ballet evenings in our repertoire with two Lyfar’s ballets!

It was the anniversary celebration of his birthday and there was 10 years since the foundation of the competition by his name.

Jury consist from the great ballet names as Yuriy Grigorovich, Victor Yaremenko (art-director of the National Opera of Ukraine), Vadim Pisarev, Ondrey Shot, Ivan Putrov, Sergey Usanov, Alex Ursulyak, Dulo Horangozo, Alexandr Prokof’ev, Michiko Terada and Lifar’s pupils – Gilbert Mayer and Olive Patey (from Grand Opera).

In spite of all good impressions I must say that it was a big blank of foreign participation. Majority was the Ukrainians. Of course many of them were with a good technique and some with their own artistic style (winners). But we want more “pepper” in the genius of the competition.

The results:

Grand prix – Yaroslav Salenko, the soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine.


Women are all from Kiev:

1.Olesya Makarenko.

2.Macak Nanaliya and Kozachenko Katerina.

3.Alaeva Katerina and Borisova-Chernenko Irina.


1.Jerlin Ndudi (Ukraine, Donetsk).

2.Evgeniy Lagunov (Ukraine, Donetsk).

3.Pozharnickiy Konstantin (Ukraine, Kiev) and Karapetyan Avetik (Armenia).

If somebody wants to get more information I try to give it with a pleasure!

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Thank you for posting those results, Yulia. I think "more pepper" is needed generally these days! :) That's a great comment.

There are so many competitions now, perhaps that's why there weren't a lot of guests.

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Yes, Alexandra, you are right.

One of such competition took place in Perm recently(founded by Vasilev and Maksimova) and also there were the majority of russian and ukrainian dancers. The first prizes were won by the soloist of National Opera of Ukraine - Yana Salenko and Ndudi Jerlin(Ukraine)\Daniil Simkin (who studying in Germany now). Salenko also have got a Makarova prize and Simkin - Baryshnikov prize.

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