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  1. Could anybody help me to find information about Yana Salenko premiere as Cinderella in Malakhov’s troupe? Thanks, Yulia
  2. Anybody has seen Yana Salenko in Sinderella yesterday? Thanks, Yulia from Ukraine
  3. Hello! This is adress of Kiev Opera House http://www.opera.com.ua But in ukrainian... If you interested some translations - I try to do it. Yulia
  4. Hello! There was ballet competition in July 2004 at Varna. But unfortunatly I cann't find the results of this event. Mayby someone knows somthing about it? Thanks
  5. Thank you for your responses! Cargill, yes, I hear about the Balanchine conference in St. Petersburg. It will be very interesting but unfortunately I can’t be there. But I was in Moscow in March and saw the premiere of Balanchine’s ballets. In spite of many exacting reports about a specific “translation” of Balanchine heritage by the artists of Bolshoy Theatre I’ve got bright impressions from the style of the great choreographer. I liked Zaharova, Filin and Aleksandrova. They had agreeable manner for the “clear dance” of Balanchine and didn’t use private emotions like others did (the result o
  6. Yes, Alexandra, you are right. One of such competition took place in Perm recently(founded by Vasilev and Maksimova) and also there were the majority of russian and ukrainian dancers. The first prizes were won by the soloist of National Opera of Ukraine - Yana Salenko and Ndudi Jerlin(Ukraine)\Daniil Simkin (who studying in Germany now). Salenko also have got a Makarova prize and Simkin - Baryshnikov prize.
  7. Thank you Alexandra for your information. Yes, I mean meetings and scholarly conferences for professionals more than performance festivals. But scholarly conferences may be the components of such events as festivals (of course also very interesting to me). So I don't lose the hope!
  8. Hello! Sorry if I arrange my question not in right topic. I'm a new member and I don't know exactly where in this forum I must ask my question. I would like to find information about different ballet conferences which will take place in summer 2004 in Europe. It will be a big marvel if something like a schedule of such conferences existing! Maybe you could give me some recommendation where I can find it? Thank you a lot!
  9. Hello! As a witness I want to tell some words about the Lifar’s competition in Kiev. At first in the boundaries of the competition we saw a premiere of the Lifar’s ballet “Suite en blanc” staged in our theatre by the Parisian stars (in their time) Christian Vlassi (étoile) and Gilbert Mayer. It was nice and management attitude towards the Lyfar’s legacy and the audience expectations. All our soloists took part in that performance making their understanding of the neoclassical style. We already have Lyfar’s “Romeo and Juleitte” so I suppose it will be wonderful ballet evenings in our repertoi
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