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I have just discovered ebay!! Going to be tough to explain to my parents that I just 'had' to add to my collection-vital learning tool!! Poor student though and this enforced academia (injury woes) needs some higlights! However I live in the UK-but it is fairly hopeless in terms of especially ballet DVD's on ebay (small country!). I would be playing them on a UK DVD player or computer, do no US DVD's work on these machines. VEry bad at technology!! Also does ebay.com have a currency converter!!

Or does anyone know of any other UK sites for cheap ballet DVDs or videos?

Also what is the deal on putting videos onto DVD-presumeably you need a DVD writer-so will have to wait for the prices to drop but would like to know a bit about the technology. In the end I would aim to put my whole collection on DVDs as I live in fear of my videos breaking or dying on me!!


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Hi there,

I my seld have been on a mission to extend my ballet film collection. Ebay.co.uk is quite good- sometimes BUT I've just discovered the www.play.com has quite cheap ballet dvds egs. Paris Opera Ballet's La Bayadere for £8.99

ABT's Don Q is also only £8.99

and the bast thing is the P&P is FREE!! Just do a search for 'Ballet' in the DVD section!!!

Hope it helps!!

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