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Nederlands Dans Theater's Rep.

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Has anyone seen or read reviews of the following ballets performed by Nederlands Dans Theater 1:

Psalm Symphony by Kilian

Walking Mad by Inger

Click, Pause, Silence by Kilian

If so please reply; I have conflicting schedules and need to make arrangements. Mostly I'd like to know if the ballets are classical or more on the modern side, on pointe, controversial, etc.



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giannina, i haven't seen one of the mentioned ballets and i didn't read reviews, but i did some searching on the internet.

on the site of the company, www.ndt.nl (you can choose your language english or dutch), there is a list and that list also contains ndt1.l if you click that one, you'll find three options and one of them is ballets....there is a list of their whole repertoire. there is an explanation except for walking mad. that only tells you what music is used and some other information.

further, as i know ndt, it's more modern oriented. they do perform pieces on pointe though, but i don't know if that's the case with one of these ballets.

i hope i helped you a bit with this information.


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I went to see NDT2 this summer, in these:



NDT1 I have never seen but I have heard very good things about. I enjoyed these programmes, mainly for the dancers' wonderful vibrancy and super technique. They are very modern though - I would not call it ballet though, so if you go and see them, expect it to be quite exciting and exacting contemporary dance.

Please do let us know if you go! :wink:

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