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Injured dancers

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Yes, that's right. Jim, I'm going to close this again -- we don't discuss injuries. If we have a thread up about it, people will post -- with all good intentions -- "I heard so and so broke his ankle" -- or foot or neck -- and someone else will say "No, that's not true! I have it on very good authority that he's on drugs!" And that's why we have a no gossip rule. If it's not in print or officially confirmed by the press office, we don't discuss it. If (god forbid) someone falls on stage, or is obviously injured and people see it, that's one thing. But we are not able to have a running list of who is injured and how badly, etc. If there's a major injury, we contact the press office and ask if it's true the person will be out for the season, etc. (We have a No Gossip Policy rule posted on this forum, as well as the About the Site forum that goes into more detail.)

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