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Lisa Maslova

Jane Simpson

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greetings jane,

herewith some bits from ny pub. lib. for perf. arts/dance collection,

there are 14 hits when i search her name here.

a good no. are photos, from caton's SEBASTIAN, some w/ moncion.

in what the lib. calls its AUTHORITY TERMS, Maslova's name is listed simply as LISA MASLOVA w/ no life dates whatsoever.

not much to go on, alas.

Mad Tristan [motion picture] / produced by Ballet International ; choreography by Leonide Massine. 1944.

(26 1/2 min., 633 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.

Permission required.

Filmed in rehearsal with sets and some costumes at the International Theatre, New York, N.Y., December 1944.

Libretto and decor, Salvador Dalí.

Danced by Ballet International. Cast includes Francisco Moncion (Tristan), Toni Worth (Isolde) and Lisa Maslova (Chimera of Isolde).

Leonide Massine Collection.

Kay, Lisan 1 / Photograph, no credit given.

New York, 1945.

5 x 7 in.

Notes:Standing behind Lisa Maslova, with Yul Brynner seated at left, in the dance of the Phoenix Birds in the musical, Lute Song, at the Plymouth Theatre.

Subjects: Musical comedies. Lute song.

Sebastian 6 / Photograph, no credit given.

Notes:With Lisa Maslova, Yvonne Patterson and Francisco Moncion.

Subjects: Sebastian (Choreographic work : Caton)

Patterson, Yvonne 2 / Photograph, no credit given.

Notes: With Lisa Maslova and Viola Essen in Sebastian.

Subjects: Sebastian (Choreographic work : Caton)

Maslova, Lisa 2 / Photograph, no credit given.

Notes: With Viola Essen and Yvonne Patterson in Sebastian.

Subjects: Sebastian (Choreographic work : Caton)

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