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Ballet novels

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Hello everybody ,

I am a great ballet fan, and love reading ; I've read most of the ballet books written for children, and some biographies (Margot Fonteyn, Noureev, Béjart, martha graham, deborah bull) ;

I wanted to know if someone could suggest novels about ballet

Thank you :thumbsup:

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I guess there aren't too many fictional ballet books for adults :thumbsup:

However, I read three very good childrens books that were written by a British author when I was a child.

They were by the author Jean Richardson:

The first step

Dancer in the wings

One foot on the ground

these three all are about the same girl, and we follow her from childhood to a young adult.

I simply loved these books! They tell ballet not from the most glamourous side and it seems to be quite authentic. (At least they were authentic enough for me as a 16 when I re-read them the last time ;) )

We are not too spoiled with ballet fiction here. (Unlike when I was in France and saw that every other book shelf in the bookstores had fiction ballet books for children)

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Thank you Suzanne, I have read those three books by Richardson, and loved them ! I don't know about Sweden, but I think ii's in England that the "book situation" is better ; I live in Paris and I don't find a lot of books about ballet ...

However, I do have a list of french children's books if anyone's interested :blushing:

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I picked up a novel this summer that I still haven't read: ""The Four Temperaments," by Yona Zeldis McDonough. She's a former SAB student, and the title refers to the Balanchine ballet of that name. It sounds kind of melodramatic, about a young New York City Ballet dancer and a violinist who falls in love with her, but I thought it might have some interesting behind-the-scenes stuff given the author's background.

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Guest wiccabex

i know of one childrens series in the uk that i quite enjoyed

the series is titled

satin slippers

written by Elizabeth Bernard

Theres 11 or so books following one girl from joining SFBA right through

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