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  1. Hi Rachel ! You are half-right : plié can be the past participle in a sentence like "j'ai plié les genoux" "I've bent my knees" but I think in ballet it's the adjective which is used like "les genoux pliés" bended knees" It could not be the infinitive "plier" , but as Mel says , it could be "pliez!" an order
  2. I've just seen the new message ; would she be a prostitute , which in french we can translate by "fille de joie"
  3. as a native french speaker living in France, I can say that "gayeuse" does not exist in French ; however , I agree with jana , it might comme from "gai" meaning joyful ; usually we use "euse" when sepaking of someone doing something (ex : la fileuse" means someone who "file", or la coiffeuse , the one who coiffe) so it might be a woman who gives joy another idea , more far-fetched : any link with the ballet "the gipsy" in 1839, in which Essler danced
  4. Thank you Suzanne, I have read those three books by Richardson, and loved them ! I don't know about Sweden, but I think ii's in England that the "book situation" is better ; I live in Paris and I don't find a lot of books about ballet ... However, I do have a list of french children's books if anyone's interested
  5. Hello everybody , I am a great ballet fan, and love reading ; I've read most of the ballet books written for children, and some biographies (Margot Fonteyn, Noureev, Béjart, martha graham, deborah bull) ; I wanted to know if someone could suggest novels about ballet Thank you
  6. Thanks a lot, I'll try at once
  7. Just a little word from a Frenchwoman : in French, we have two names "plasticité" which would be "plasticity" , which means either the caracteristics of something very malleable or the sculptural quality of a work of art "plastique" which is either a noun or an adjective as an adjective , it means either malleable or aiming to give an esthetic expression of something (ex : the plastique beauty of a setting) as a noun , it is of course first a material , and second can be either the art of sculpture (the Greek plastique) or a type of beauty (the beautiful plastique of a dancer ) when we speak of plastique , we often mean someone's physical appearance, his shape end of lesson....
  8. hi everybody, I'm a french girl whose hobby is ...collecting ballet books for children, and mostly in english. It's nearly impossible to find some in France, but I order a lot on Amazon and Adlibris too. About the Drina books : I was only able to get 6 out of 11, so if anybody could help, that would be lovely ; apparently they've been reedited some of them by Simon & Schuster USA in 1992 some of them by MacDonald GB in 1987 also by Jean Estoril you have The Ballet Family , and The Ballet Family again (Mac Donald 1989) Drina in Exile is the one where she stays at Chalk Green , and dances The Changeling (just before Drina goes to Italy) If you like long series , you have the Sadler's Wells one by Lorna Hill (11 books I think) , beginning by A Dream of Sadler's Wells (they exist in French in the Bibliothèque Verte under the title Irène à l'Opéra, and everything has been changed to fit France and the Paris Opera . jEAN uRE has written 'You win some, you lose some' and 'A proper little Nureev' and others I think another nice series is Ballet School by Mal Lewis Jones good reading (and yes , it is rather an expensive hobby)
  9. hi ! I'm glad I'm not the only one to read children's book at an advanced age (I'm 25) . It's actually partly because I'd like to write some too , and partly because I'm writing a thesis using some of them ; this is how I discovered As the Waltz was ending (because I am studying WW2) I don't know if anyone mentionned those , which are among my favorite : the serie about Sadler's Wells (about 8 books) by Lorna Hill and by the same writer 'Dancer in the Wings' serie 'Ballet School' by Mal Lewis Jones 'The first step' and 'Dancer in the wings' (no mistake) by Jean Richardson Of course the Drina books and Scrambled Legs and Jean Ure's novels... I also have some titles of French books if anyone's interested ... :yes:
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