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Suzanne Farrell dress rehearsal in DC

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Just returned home with my dds from the Kennedy Center dress rehearsal for the Suzanne Farrell Tchaikovsky program. Wow! I was so impressed. The program was outstanding with some terrific principal dancers, none of whose names I know because there were no programs available. (I'll be seeing it "for real" on Sunday.)

They performed Mozartiana, Serenade, Waltz of the Flowers and the Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux with a live orchestra. The entire program was stunning. Then again, I'm not a dance critic. However, I've seen her programs at the Kennedy Center since 1999 and she has clearly come into her own this season. There is a cast of 34 dancers this time around. I can't even pick a favorite dance -- they were each exquisitely danced. Just a magnificent performance even for a dress rehearsal. And the most fun of all was watching Miss Farrell in action with the dancers!! What a great afternoon ... made it all worthwhile taking my dds out of school early and missing ballet class to boot!!

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