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Photo of of Anne Pavlowa, looking for Info

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I can across this photograph of Anna Pavlowa three times in three unrelated

activities last month and i think fate has called to me to discover more. This

photograph was taken by a "famous" portrait photographer name Eugene

Hutchinson marked 1915 in Chicago, this photo appears in the photo book

Fugitive Gesture, The: Masterpieces of Dance Photography by William Ewing

and it states that it is part of the Gelman Paper Photo collection and not much

more is know about this photo. I have a Max Rabinoff ballet program of Pavlowa's

1914-1915 tour with this photo in the program, i think it is a publicity photo with

Anna in costume from the ballet Amarilla, since Amarilla is featured in the program

and this looks like a gyspy costume. There is a photo listed at the nypl performing

arts of a photo by hutchinson1915 but the ballet named is bolero ( MGZEA ) but the

photograph is not digitized and i have not see this photo. Can not find much on

Eugene Hutchinson even though he photographed ruth page, sarah bernheartd

Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet. I found a artical in on Hutchinson at the Chicago

public library in the magazine photo-era june 1914. but what do you folks think

of the costume, and any reference on Hutchinson.

This my first time at posting a photo, hope this works.


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both the lazzarini and money books on anna pavlova include information about AMARILLA, a 1912 ballet, in which pavlova played a gypsy in the time of louis xvi.

the music is a mix of drigo, glazunov and dargomyszhsky.

it seems to me from passing my eye over the passages in these two books that this ballet, arranged by clustine, owes much 'inspiration' to 'esmeralda' certainly the notion of a gypsy's dancing w/ her tambourine, which figures prominently in the partnering - see esp. the passage in money, all entailing a dramatic situation that has her performing for the man she loves as he's betrothed to another woman, mirrors quite closely the situation from perrot's (and petipa's) 'esmeralda' where the title character dances w/ the poet gringoire at the wedding ceremonies of her beloved phoebus.

i'm not sure that the particular photo you mention is reproduced in either money or lazzarini but you'll be able to see that for yourself.

good luck w/your research.

here are some listings from the n.y.public lib. for the perf. arts on the ballet and the books that mention it:

Anna Pavlova, her life and art / Keith Money. 1st ed.

New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1982.

[x] 425 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.

Includes index.

Bibliography: p. 415.

Pavlova; repertoire of a legend [by] John and Roberta Lazzarini.

New York, Schirmer Books, c1980.

224 p. illus., ports. 31 cm.

"A Dance Horizons book." Bibliography: p. 214-216. "Repertoire": p. 217-221. Includes index


Chor: Ivan Clustine; mus: Glazunov and Drigo. First perf: England, June 26, 1912, Anna Pavlova Company.

p.s. to the best of my understanding the only ones who are able to attach picture files are the topic moderators.

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I found the photo in question in Keith Money's book p.221, thank you

rg, and i was wrong the photo is described as portraits by Eugene

Hutchinson,Chicago 1915 in costume for dance Espagnol for the

movie "Dumb Girl of Portici". I understand that Hutchinson must of

made a series of portrait photos of Pavlowa in various costumes for

the "Portici" movie. The are several examples of these photos in

several books, KM'S book p.218 & 221, on p.111 of Valerian Ivchenko

1974 edition of Anna Pavlova, on p.139 of John Lazzarini's book, and

on p.237 of Victor Dandre's book. It appears that Pavlowa was in

Chicago at least twice in 1915, (1) during the summer she was filming

a portion of "Portici" in Chicago and KM'S book has a photo of AP with

cameraman Dallen Clawson, AP dressed for Dance Espagnol persumably

for a martinee at midway gardens. I also found in NYTimes 6/9/1915

a small artical stating that AP will be filming the interior scenes

of "Portici" in Chicago while the AP ballet company is performing. The

second time AP was in Chicago in 1915 was on Oct 4 at the opening of

the Opera "Portici" by the Boston Grand Opera which AP bought with

$75,000 she made from the film "Portici" I will have to go thru the

last six months of the Chicago Tribune in 1915 to see if their is any

newspaper articals regarding Hutchinson & Pavlova, so little has been

written about Hutchinson even thought he photographer AP, Sarah

Bernhardt, Francine Dagmara, Andreas Pavley, Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet,

Ruth Page.


**I made a wonderful discovery yesterday, the NYPL has the 1915 film

"The Dumb Girl of Portici" on internet video stream and can be access




The first few mins has Pavlova dancing ballet in a white costume on

a black background, viewing it is almost a transcendental experience,

like seeing a ghost, viewing 88 years into the past and seeing Pavlova

dance as thought/ she is a goddess. A must see for a Pavlova fan who

has a high speed internet connection with a good intel processer.


I plan to find out much as possible regarding the Pavlova/Hutchinson

series of photos, maybe i write a little artical.


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