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James Canfield


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Hi Jameth,

As far as I know he's still liviing in Portland. I believe he's been up for consideration as Artistic Director for several companies, but not been hired as of yet. There's been some speculation that he might work as a freelance choreographer. As you know, he is also a very highly regarded teacher. He has a lot to offer on all these levels, so I'm sure he'll emerge some time in the future. I also know that running a company is beyond exhausting. Maybe he's taking a very well deserved break.


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Yeah...he is an excellent teacher. He taught me for a number of years when I was in the Schoool of Oregon Ballet Theatre. He didnt like me very much because he thought I was disrespectful...if he only knew how much I respect(ed) him...

I was pretty upset when I heard about all the changes that were taking place when he left and Christopher Stowell took over.

I wrote a letter of discontent to OBT and asked that it be forwarded to James...hopefully it was. It made me sad he was leaving. I decided when I realized I probably would never dance under James direction that I was going to quit. No one else has the edge, the sensuality, and vision that suits me as well as James Coreography.

Oh well. I would love to be kept informed of James future plans. Is there somewhere I can go that will have updates of what he is working on? Or should I just check back here?

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