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    I danced at the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre for many years appearing in company productions of the Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, as well as leading roles in ballets choreographed by James Canfield
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    Seattle, WA...orginally from Portland, OR
  1. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea or info on what James Canfield has planned for himself, since he now has turned over the job of artistic director of Oregon Ballet Theatre to Christopher Stowell?
  2. I know for a fact that Mark Goldweber coreographed "chinese" but I am not sure what else...I want to say he originally coreographed the russian dance, but I am not sure. James would re-coreograph and change things each year and I know he changed the russian variation a couple times...the Sugar Plum Fairly's variation also changed as I remember every year. Oh and the version that Mark had some coreographic credit in, is in fact the version we are speaking of
  3. P.S. I am not down playing other versions. I am just expression the reasons why I have always been more drawn towards Canfields version...it could also be because I know him personally and I highly respect him *shrug*
  4. Ah Carol Shults. I have heard that name in a long time. When I was in the School of OBT I took ballet history from her...
  5. One of the main reasons that I love Canfields version of The Nutcracker so much is because it's more than a fairly tale. It has a few historical characters (Fabrege, Kschessinskaya), it's historically accurate as far as I know, and it MAKES SENSE! The things with that I dont understand about the Balanchine Nutcracker and others alike are just this: Where do the rats in Maria/Clara's dream come from? She just goes to bed on Christmas night and dreams of rats? What makes this Nutcracker Doll so great that it becomes her prince in her dream? Who is this Snow Queen and cavalier? Where do they fall into the picture? who is Dewdrop? Why is she dancing what is her purpose? Why, besides the fact that kids like candy, is Clara taken to the land of Candy? Who is this Sugar plum Fairly person? Who made her the ruler of Candyland? I know that The Nutcracker is deemed a holiday favorite for families because it's great for kids. But, kids are not stupid, it can be exciting, intelligent, and make sense. Here is where Canfields version corrects some of the problems and story gaps in some of the more well known productions. Marie gets scared by her unruley brother who brings a dead rat out on a platter for her as a present. Little does she know, it's a dead rat under that cover and Peter plans to chase her with it when it is revealed. Fabrege, Marie's godfather brings his nephew, Marius a cadete in the Russian army to the Christmas party to be introduced to Marie's older sister Alexis(?). When Marie sees Marius she is instantly taken by him, a crush ensues and he becomes the nutcracker prince in her dream. In the party scene, Marie's parents present to her, as her Christmas present, ballet lessons from Matilda Kshesinskaya. In Marie's eyes she is the most beautiful talented person. Hence, she becomes the Snow Queen, Lily of the Valley(dewprop), and the Sugar Plum Fairy in Marie's dream. Marie is taken on a magical trip throughout the seasons by the Nutcracker Prince (Marius), who then surprises Marie with a trip to the Mariinsky Theatre, where the stars of the Ballet dance a divertissement of styles from around the world. In the grand pas de deux at the end, the Sugar Plum Fairy and her mysterious, unexplained cavalier do not dance, rather Marie and the Nutcracker Prince dance in gratitude, cementing...that dreams can and do come true. *breathes* Sorry I get a little worked up
  6. Yeah...he is an excellent teacher. He taught me for a number of years when I was in the Schoool of Oregon Ballet Theatre. He didnt like me very much because he thought I was disrespectful...if he only knew how much I respect(ed) him... I was pretty upset when I heard about all the changes that were taking place when he left and Christopher Stowell took over. I wrote a letter of discontent to OBT and asked that it be forwarded to James...hopefully it was. It made me sad he was leaving. I decided when I realized I probably would never dance under James direction that I was going to quit. No one else has the edge, the sensuality, and vision that suits me as well as James Coreography. Oh well. I would love to be kept informed of James future plans. Is there somewhere I can go that will have updates of what he is working on? Or should I just check back here?
  7. Is anyone aware of what James Canfield has in store for his future? Is he still going to be coreographing? Is he retiring completely?
  8. My favortie version that I have seen of the Nutcracker is James Canfields. Set in Imperial Russia and taken right out of history are some quintessential dancers/artists of the time... James [ December 12, 2001: Message edited by: Jameth ]
  9. Jameth

    Special moments

    A couple years ago Aurthur Mitchell came and taught a couple classes to us at the School Of Oregon Ballet Theatre. it was a great class he is a very responsive teacher... James
  10. As for casting Bond, it's all about Sascha Radetsky. He is has that look, and charisma...I think he could do it. James
  11. It's funny you mention James Canfield...I studied at Oregon Ballet Theatre for a time, and was in some works he coreographed for the school. He is my favortie coreographer by far. Maybe I am just biasd but he has a way of conveying something to his audience that I havents seen in other coreographers... I hope to dance for him some day... James Lee
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