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From one of Ari's Links, this from a slice-of-life at the balleton the recent Bolshoi gala:

A festival organizer gives a short speech. It is halting, dry and uninspiring. It looks as if the man is primarily concerned about enumerating all the sponsors of the event in the right order. A referral to a casino owner among others sounds particularly touching.

So your complaint was not a lone voice-in-print!

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Over the years, I've come to admire the sensibility of the Canadian governmental and commercial appearances at public events. This would be a long speech: "Hi, everybody, nice to see you here on such a beautiful day. Let's all relax and have a good time at the show!" :thumbsup: Popular rumor has it that the politician who can make the shortest speech will be a shoo-in at the next General Election. Sponsors who abide by this rule will sell out at the local market. Some have taken to smiling, half-rising, and just making a simple head-bow.

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