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Who Choreographed La Vivandiere?

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Perhaps she choreographed her solos? I hadn't remembered that (I have that book, but don't use it often). St. Leon is always credited with that -- it's an excerpt from a longer ballet, and he was a known and very active choreographer not noted for needing help.

Perhaps rg or doug has something more specific.

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sorry, hans, and alexandra, i've not heard this. here's how the linc.cent.library lists a.h.guest's monograph on the pas de six, maybe it includes some mention or other re: authorship. still as i seem to recollet the pas de six was actually a elaboration on a pas de quatre which starred cerrito - le lac des fees, i THINK it was called, guerra(?). it would seem odd for st. leon to have demonstrated his version of dance notation called la stenochoreographie by documenting a dance he didn't have something to do wiith. i'd say the a.h.g. book is worth combing b/c she'd likely know if ivor g. had any intelligence on the authorship and just as likely she'd spell out the facts or 'questions' surrounding the choreographic source. in any case herewith the book's listing at linc.cent. lib.

Guest, Ann Hutchinson.

Title :La vivandière pas de six / choreography by Arthur Saint-Léon ; transcribed from Saint-Léon's notation score by Ann Hutchinson Guest ; music by Cesare Pugni and Jean-Baptiste Nadaud.

Lausanne : Gordon and Breach, c1994. xiv, 163 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.

Language of dance series ; no. 6

"The music score" (p. [143]-163) for piano.

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here is something of its lineage:

Vivandière : Chor: Fanny Cerrito and Arthur Saint-Léon; mus: Cesare Pugni; lib: Arthur Saint-Léon. First perf: London, Her Majesty's Theatre, May 23, 1844.//First perf in Germany: Berlin, Königlichen Theater, Mar. 26, 1846; under title: Marketenderin und der Postillon.//First perf in France: Paris, Opéra, Oct. 20, 1848.//Revival of the Pas de six from La vivandière: Paris, Opéra-Comique, Sept. 15, 1976, Paris Opera Ballet; staged by Pierre Lacotte.

Vivandière : Chor: Jules Perrot; mus: Cesare Pugni; lib: Arthur Saint-Léon. First perf: Paris, Oct 20, 1851.//First perf in St. Petersburg: Bolshoi Theater, Dec 13, 1855 (O.S.); scen: Andrei Roller.

Vivandière : Original title: Marketenderin und Postillon. Chor: Paul Taglioni after Cerrito and Saint-Léon; mus: Cesare Pugni; lib: Arthur Saint-Léon. First perf: Berlin, Königliche Theater, 1858.

Vivandière : Original title: Marketenderskens Hjemkomst. Chor: Gustave Carey; mus: Cesare Pugni. Perf: Denmark, 1863?

Vivandière : Chor: Perrot restaged by Marius Petipa; mus: Cesare Pugni; lib: Saint-Léon. First perf: St. Petersburg, Sept 24, 1861 (O.S.)

Vivandière : Original title: Markitantka. Chor: Lev Ivanov; mus: Cesare Pugni; lib: Arthur Saint-Léon. First perf: St. Petersburg, Maryinsky Theater, Feb 4, 1901 (O.S.)

Vivandière : Chor & lib: Pasquale Borri; scen: Filippo Peroni and Luigi Vimercati. Perf: Milan, La Scala, carnevale 1853-54.

Vivandière: Pas de six : Chor: Arthur Saint-Léon after a pas de quatre by Antonio Guerra researched by Ivor Guest, reconstructed from notation by Ann Hutchinson Guest and staged by Maria Grandy; mus: Jean-Baptiste Nada after themes by Daniel-François Auber. First perf. by The Joffrey Ballet: New York, City Center 55th Street Theater, Oct 20, 1977.

Vivandière: pas de six : Chor: reconstructed by Pierre Lacotte after Arthur Saint-Léon; mus: Cesare Pugni. Perf: 1979; Kirov Ballet Company.

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