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Johan Kobborg at The Royal Festival Hall

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I'm not sure if this belongs here- so please move it if appropriate!


Johan Kobborg (dancer with the Royal ballet) :P is putting together four nights at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th at 7.45pm.

It is intitled 'Out of Denmark'. The evening's programme includes one of Flindt's The Lesson and Bournonville's Napoli ACT III, plus a varied series of duets.

Dancers incl. Johan Kobborg, Alina Cojocaru, Zenaida Yanowksy and Jamie Tapper

You can read more at:


Looks like its going to be great, i'm hoping that Alina will be fully recoverd as she is ment to be dancing too!

Im going three of the four nights, I cant go on opening night - have to teach till 7.30 :lol:

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It was quite an ordeal! My friend saw it, she was going off stage and caught her foot and strained the tendons. Johan Kobborg, who has been her partner, had to dance with some unusually tall girls because she's injured! They had to bring in another dancer, to continue,(who'd been at home painting her kitchen, and therefore still had white paint on her hands)

It was unlucky too that a week before that in the final pas de deux in Manon, Alina and Johan misjudged the timeing and Johan didn't make it accross the stage t catch her- she was soooo trusting, she literally fell on her face! The trickle of blood rolling down her chin certainly gave and original and effective touch to the final 'death'!

Hopefully she's forgiven him!


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Just read on ballet.co that the programme includes one of Flemming Flindt’s most admired pieces, The Lesson, danced for the first time by Johan Kobborg, Alina Cojocaru, and Zenaida Yanowsky. Kobborg and Cojocaru are also paired for the revival and first UK performance of Harald Lander’s 1942 Pas de Deux Festpolonaise, and join ten other dancers for August Bournonville’s lively Napoli Act III.

A rarely seen duet is Jockey Dance featuring Royal Ballet dancers Ricardo Cervera and Bennet Gartside, choreographed by August Bournonville in 1876 for the ballet From Siberia to Moscow. More Danish classicism from August Bournonville, a Pas de Deux from William Tell, is danced by Bethany Keating and Martin Harvey.

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Please do! And thanks for posting these on Links (which I'm copying to this thread)

Some more reviews of Johan Kobborg's

Out Of Denmark

[Note: Only UK readers will be able to access this. The rest of us are expected to pay]

The Times:


The Guardian:


The Telegraph:


When classical ballet-dancers head off to make a programme of their own, they give a sudden view into how they see themselves. Many Royal Ballet men have done this recently: Irek Mukhamedov defined himself as an expressionist music-theatre performer, the Ballet Boyz went for modern macho, while this summer Carlos Acosta rooted himself in Cuba's streets - none celebrating classicism as their shaping force.

Not Johan Kobborg. His programme shows him a Danish classicist and proud of it. It must be said, first, that the Queen Elizabeth Hall is a rotten place to watch classical ballet. You are piled almost on top of the dancers, and classical ballet demands distance to mist up the lens and translate the exacting artificiality into theatrical poetry.

Brown also wrote about the Kim Brandstrup piece on the program:

Cheers, though, for Kim Brandstrup's brand-new duet, Afsked, in which the glorious Zenaida Yanowsky parts with the most voluptuous grief from her lover Dylan Elmore. Romance, Brandstrup shows, in some richly fluid and exciting writing, is just as achievable in a modern idiom as in ballet.

I'm glad this piece was well-received. I'd seen Brandstrup's Othello ballet ,made for Mukhamedov a few years ago and liked it very much.

Did anyone else see this program?

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