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Keep at it, Hans! The record is six letters -- you probably saw that. And there's a thing you can click to report that you've broken the record.

Now, what would be the ballet equivalent.....keep those monkeys dancing long enough, and you'll get the entire Petipa canon?

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I also took the "Which dead Russian composer are you?" test--I'm Rimsky-Korsakov. It gave me several great ideas for ballet quizzes, like "which dead ballet choreographer are you?" and "which 19th-century ballet character are you?"

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Here's little perspective on monkeys, typewriters and Shakespeare:

Scott Adams, 1989

Dilbert writes a poem and presents it to Dogbert:

DOGBERT: I once read that given infinite time, a thousand monkeys with typewriters would eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare.

DILBERT: But what about my poem?

DOGBERT: Three monkeys, ten minutes.

--Scott Adams, Dilbert comic strip, 15 May 1989.

Houghton, 1993?

Come to think of it, there are already a million monkeys on a million typewriters, and Usenet is NOTHING like Shakespeare.

There are also a couple of classic short stories on the topic, Russell Maloney's "Inflexible Logic" and R.A. Lafferty's "Been a Long Time." Both are worth tracking down.

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Problem with that is, it's been tried. A bunch of baboons were given some computers to play with, and after several replacements of keyboards (they urinated on them, or smashed them on the ground; see, they really DO know!), it was discovered that the baboons were inordinately fascinated with the letter "S" and those keys surrounding it. So a sample of monkey writing on the computer runs like: ssSSssq swss sxs ssssEssssds. No kiddin'! :shrug:

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Why would keyboards or typewriters be sufficient to turn primates into writers? What about editors, deadlines, chocolate, lots of mail that has to be opened, back issues of magazines that might have relevant material, coffee pots with lots of parts, a very old bathrobe to wear, and a conviction that someone else has already written a better piece on the same subject--in fact, the conviction that you yourself have written a better piece, and will never again be as good as you were. That might produce, if not Shakespeare, some dance criticism....

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So, while I'm getting soused on vodka :innocent: and my teams of monkeys are nearing the end of Henry IV, pt. 1 :sweating: , which is now at (N-3)-3 letters (I was really hoping for The Tempest :shrug: ), and referring back to Mel's post on monkey's aesthetic predilections, here's a site that exhibits wonderful paintings by Asian elephants. http://www.novica.com/category/index.cfm?c=601&l=5

It is fascinating to note the thematic, stylistic and color choices that characterize the works of particular artists. Hey, if I can be Ashtochine, these pachys can be artists! :wub:

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