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Royal Ballet promotions

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I don't live in London, so going to Covent Garden and seeing a full-length ballet by the RB was a really REALLY big deal for me. I can't really remember who danced Aurora or Lilac Fairy, but I do remember Ethan Stiefel as the Prince and Lauren Cuthbertson in the second Fairy variation. My mom and I agreed after the performance that she really stood out among the fairy variations, and look what's happening now! A promotion for her! Yay! :devil:

I'd also like to mention here that seeing Ludovic Ondiviela mentioned in the promotions article is also 'neat' because he really stood out to me when I watched the Prix de Lausanne 2001 video. Wow, if/when he becomes a principal one day, I can say that I saw him dance James from La Sylphide as a 15 year old... and the people will have to believe me! :wink:

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There are no real surprises in the promotions esp. :

Mara Galeazzi is promoted to Principal....Deirdre Chapman and Isabel McMeekan are promoted to First Soloists

These, along with Lauren Cuthbertsen, have been comimg for a while, you could see it in last year's (esp. towrds the end of the season) casting....

All these dancers had 'better' and higher profile roles that before....

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