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  1. Well, sorry if my word choice isn't as eloquent as I'd like - of course neither dancer is a "version" of another, they just sort of strike me as sharing some unusual, sinuous characteristics. And of course, I've never seen either dance live so my opinion is probably worthless, and definitely uneducated ... but I'm still entitled to it.
  2. Tsiskaridze, to me, is like a Georgian, elongated, exaggerated, exoticized version of Vladimir Malakhov. Just my 0.02 USD. By the way, Coda, thank you for the link - they're really lovely pictures. :-)
  3. I loved Dupont as Aurora in POB's taped "Sleeping Beauty" - she avoided garish extensions and that over-elasticity that seems to be plaguing the contemporary ballet scene. Her feet and legs are just gorgeous though, and her port de bras is very "creamy", I guess I'd call it. She and M. Legris danced a beautiful ballet in true classicism. That video's on my Top Five list, most definitely.
  4. Lukayev

    Muriel Maffre

    Ooh, I totally forgot to add that Ms. Maffre performed Myrtha while us (barely competent, compared to her) students tried to scuttle as best we couldas the Wilis... I saw a cold and forbidding presence, unbroken until the very end, when the bells begin to toll and suddenly, Myrtha is no longer ruthlessly powerful. Ms. Maffre showed that all-too-rare vulnerable side of Myrtha, the one you'd expect the principal dancing Giselle to deliver in droves. But for some reason, I saw that "coming of the dawn" really shake Myrtha to the core.. I've never seen such a subtle yet awesome transformation. My
  5. Lukayev

    Muriel Maffre

    Oh my GOD. This lady has THE longest legs and arms in the world! Not only that, but she's got beautiful feet and gorgeous use of port de bras. Our ballet school recently held an SFBallet gala at the Concert Hall, and once we were done "guesting" as Wilis for Act II/Giselle, we were treated to a very very delightful smorgasboard of SFB goodies. Among them were Julie Diana and Zach Hench in Who Cares? and Amanda Schull with Joan Boada in the pdd from Flames of Paris. But Ms. Maffre absolutely blew me away with her performance in Agon. From what I've read, she seems like a real candidate for bein
  6. Wow! I have a video of him in like a Prix de Lausanne of years past.. maybe '97. Yeah, his elegance really struck me.... good to know he's all fancy and famous now!
  7. I would never have the patience to think up of a quiz like this! But I'm grateful you ended up making it, Hans. As for choreographer I was Petipa, and on that separate composer quiz I was, of course, Tchaikovsky. Vunderbar! :grinning: :cool2:
  8. Hello hello! Chacott is a dancewear/dance-related media store that's very popular with ballet students/professionals in both Japan and Europe. They *do* have a website, but you're going to have to forgive my laziness and do a search on google.com - :/ I take it you're interested in the video series of the Vaganova Academy - I'm not sure if the videos are able to be ordered online.... :shrug:
  9. While rummaging through my videos today, I realized that one girl in my tape of the Vaganova Academy's 13-15 year old class (from several years ago) looked EXACTLY like the Mariinsky's current rising 'star', Daria Pavlenko. Only until the teacher called out her name and said something in Russian did I realize it really *was* Ms. Pavlenko, as a student! What took me by surprise was the fact that she wasn't really a 'favorite' in the class - there were several obvious favorites, and they were front and center, while Pavlenko was somewhere on the side. Well well, she certainly showed them, didn't
  10. On my tape of "The Children of Theatre Street", narrator Grace Kelly says Balanchine's name like - bAl (rhyming with "pal") - on (as in the word "on") - shEEn (as in Martin.. haha, I had to add that in). I heard somewhere, though it's probably inaccurate, that Balanchine hacked off the '-vadze' and added the '-chine' onto his last name to make it more French-y sounding for the Ballet Russes. Why, I have no idea, I'm just a child.
  11. I don't live in London, so going to Covent Garden and seeing a full-length ballet by the RB was a really REALLY big deal for me. I can't really remember who danced Aurora or Lilac Fairy, but I do remember Ethan Stiefel as the Prince and Lauren Cuthbertson in the second Fairy variation. My mom and I agreed after the performance that she really stood out among the fairy variations, and look what's happening now! A promotion for her! Yay! I'd also like to mention here that seeing Ludovic Ondiviela mentioned in the promotions article is also 'neat' because he really stood out to me when I watche
  12. (I don't live anywhere near NYC, disregard this post if you're looking for Workshop Reviews). I think Lokelani (or Likolani, I don't know) might've been the girl who came to just one of my summer intensive classes. I talked to her mom and sister, and she had trained at the Washington School and was going off to SAB year-round .. and that was two years ago, almost exactly. Makes sense, I guess! I remember her demonstrating a Donizetti and La Source variation for our repertory class with Mme. Violette Verdy - she had learned them during the summer. We were all duly impressed, of course. ~
  13. Woohoo! Though I won't be here for it, principals from the SF Ballet are coming to Hawaii for I think a two-day gala thingie! Right here, in Honolulu! Ohh, 'twill be magical, I'm sure. Slated to be performed are Agon, Don Q pdd, Shogun (?), a selection from Who Cares?, and other beautiful tidbits. I almost called up the Kirov right then and there to cancel my intensive - I have wanted to see Agon for the LONGEST TIME, and now that it's coming LIVE I am almost beside myself. The names I saw were Julie Diana, Joan Boada, Amanda Schull (because she's from Hawaii and a movie star, you know ), a
  14. Ooh, Spring Waters. Of the performances I've seen on video, that pdd performed by any professional couple is about the only one that can still make my heart kind of flutter, what with the flying headlong into waiting arms, huh! I'm envious you got to see such a stellar cast of dancers!
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