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SFB roster changes

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According to SFB's website:

Pascal Molat has been promoted to principal.

Ruben Martin has been promoted to soloist.

Nicolas Blanc joins as a soloist.

Courtney Elizabeth and Matthew Stewart are new corps members.

New apprentices are Guy Fletcher, Martyn Garside, Autumn Graham, Alexandra Lorey, Joseph Phillips, and Garen Scribner.

I haven't gotten around to checking who else left the company besides Maynard, Michael Eaton, and Jonathan Shockley.

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We miss The Lads. James Wilkie is with the Royal, I believe, and if Guy Fletcher is in San Francisco, that's good news. I don't know what happened to the other two, though -- Johnny and Basilio. (The latter posted here for awhile, and then vanished again.)

Thank you for posting this Ballet Nut (and thank you for mentioning that you got the information off the SFB website :blushing: )

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Hi Friends!

Yes I am now in San Fransisco as an apprentice, and yes it is good news. Yesterday I watched the SFB perform at the Sterngrove festival, and sat next to a friend of yours, Alexandra. Her name was Allison and she was reviewing the show for one of your publications. I have only been here for three weeks and so far am having a great time.

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Guy -

It's great to hear from you. We missed all three of you and hope you'll stop by as circumstances allow.

Where were you dancing in the interim before San Francisco?

But do be careful. Our Ballet Alert Operatives are everywhere, but generally under deep cover. Revealing their secret identities (nay, even their first names in certain cases) can put you in grave jeopardy. You're a beloved poster, don't make us break your kneecaps. :wink:

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